Remove & Report Users
+ New Message Tools

In celebration of a great year of development in 2015 and in anticipation of an awesome, official launch in 2016 – We’re happy to introduce a couple of nice, new features that are available on SnugSpot as of today:

The ability to remove/delete a contact from your list of contacts.

The option to report a user for inappropriate behaviour or content.

To remove a contact or report any user, simply scroll to the bottom of their profile to the red “More Options” section and choose the appropriate action.

Remove and report

A couple of cool tricks in the “Conversation” section.
You can now delete a message or mark it as unread in a conversation with any user. To use these message tools, simply click the little triangle/arrow symbol next to the time stamp of the message you want to delete or mark as unread.

Unread & delete messages

Check it out now at
Happy New Year!

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