Language and currency settings

System update:
The Language System should now be fully functional. You can change your language in the “Regional Settings” dropdown menu in the footer section in the bottom of each page. Currently the site is available in English and Danish. More languages will be added continuously. Also the regional settings allow you to change your preferred currency between USD, EUR and DKK.

Big day today…


We’re now live for testing!
Tell your single friends that anyone who signs up before December 1st will receive 100 free “Connections” (Total value of $200).

Sign up now – it’s absolutely free!

Please let us know if you encounter any bugs or something doesn’t work as expected.

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Safe Snug Surf!

ssl_lockYay! Today our SSL Certificate was approved. Don’t know what is?
Basically it means that all information being exchanged between you and our servers is being encrypted. So if anyone intercepts your data while it travels in cyberspace, it will be worthless, scrambled gibberish, since they don’t have the proper key needed to decrypt the data. When you visit you’ll notice a little lock-icon in the URL address bar. The lock indicates that this important layer of security, known as SSL is present on the Snugspot servers. Also it verifies our company identity, which helps prevent scams and phishing attempts. So, safe snug surf!