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We’ve launched our awesome new app for iOS and Android!

The SnugSpot app has a super simple design that makes it easy to meet singles that match you.

In your computer´s browser, on your tablet or your phone – all SnugSpot features are available across all your devices.

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Age & Distance Preferences

As you all know, SnugSpot adapts automatically and intelligently to your evolving needs. Based on your actions on the site and which people you choose to connect with, our algorithms gain knowledge of your taste and desires. This knowledge is updated every time you accept or decline a match or connection request. And it is being used to better serve you matches in the future.

But as of today, your settings page offer two new options to give SnugSpot a better idea about a couple of important matching criteria.

Open your Settings Page and scroll down to “Matching Preferences” section. Here you’ll see the options to set a preferred age span and a preferred distance for matches.

Age and distance prefs

Remove & Report Users
+ New Message Tools

In celebration of a great year of development in 2015 and in anticipation of an awesome, official launch in 2016 – We’re happy to introduce a couple of nice, new features that are available on SnugSpot as of today:

The ability to remove/delete a contact from your list of contacts.

The option to report a user for inappropriate behaviour or content.

To remove a contact or report any user, simply scroll to the bottom of their profile to the red “More Options” section and choose the appropriate action.

Remove and report

A couple of cool tricks in the “Conversation” section.
You can now delete a message or mark it as unread in a conversation with any user. To use these message tools, simply click the little triangle/arrow symbol next to the time stamp of the message you want to delete or mark as unread.

Unread & delete messages

Check it out now at
Happy New Year!

Language and currency settings

System update:
The Language System should now be fully functional. You can change your language in the “Regional Settings” dropdown menu in the footer section in the bottom of each page. Currently the site is available in English and Danish. More languages will be added continuously. Also the regional settings allow you to change your preferred currency between USD, EUR and DKK.